About Us

Carol Ernestine Talbot fuelled by her passion for dance and the performing arts opened a ballet dance and drama school on May 1st 1995 on Auckland Road, by June 1990 the school had moved to its current location, Bluebell Studios on Heathfield Road, and Bluebell Dance & Drama in Liverpool was born. We are now an established, creative and professional dance & drama school for children and adults from age two to ninety two! Bluebell is affiliated to the strongest dance and drama societies such as The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD), International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), and The London Academy of Dramatic Music and Art (LAMDA).

We have teachers, equally as passionate as Carol Ernestine was when she first started, whose strength is their diversity within each discipline. We believe in the importance of having classical and traditionally trained students, working their way up through the grades. This gives a strong foundation for choreography, strength and suppleness.

How we operate

Pupils and adults are welcome to join any class appropriate to age, preference and desire. Although set teachers are responsible for their own classes, sometimes we rotate staff so that our pupils are exposed to different skills and strengths.