Drama Classes

Bluebell Dance & Drama School has a dedicated Drama discipline for children from the age of 5 to 18 years old. Pupils have the opportunity to work towards LAMDA awards and certifications if they wish.

Musical Theatre aged 6+

Musical Theatre goers will enjoy a weekly musical warm up workshop focussing on breathing and posture followed by a focus on ‘in the spotlight’ (acting through song). They also enjoy a weekly musical chorus and learn to work together as a team. By coming to class children will create knowledge and awareness of their inner voice and learn how to use it, create drama through song, look at ways of learning through play and musical activities, encourage confidence and team building, will find their individual creative outlet, and gain musical knowledge and development through active participation. Musical Theatre is on Thursdays @ 4.15pm

Creative Castings aged 11+

Creative Casting is for our older pupils and begins with a Casting Call, followed by ‘Superstar spotlight’, which is vocal and acting warm up. ‘Lights Camera Action’ gives students a chance to create their own portfolio and develop individual acting skills, ‘Creative Cuts’ will enhance improvisation skills and educate script developing and analysis, ‘Directors Tip of the Day’ will give students feedback on their session! Through these classes children will develop their self confidence and personal awareness and learn to work as part of a team, they will gain a general knowledge of all aspects of the theatrical genre and create a focus and distinction between acting for stage and screen. Creative Castings is on Thursdays @ 5.00pm

Join Us!

Bluebell Drama has been established as part of Bluebell Studios since 1985 and is affiliated to LAMDA (the London Academy of Dramatic Music and Art). Offering creative, fun and educational classes for children from age 6 years, Bluebell Drama will give pupils a solid grounding in drama and musical theater through our Musical Minis and Creative Casting classes. To join Bluebell Drama simply call the studios on 0151 234 2001 and register. For details of class prices, see the Bluebell price list.