Meals and Nutrition

Saju, our chef prepares children’s meals daily and adheres to government nutritional standards. A four weekly seasonal menu is devised and rotated so children get a good range of meals and have the opportunity to experience different foods. The menu changes four times through the year following the seasons.

Snacks can consist of; French toast, home made scotch pancakes, home made brioche bread with jam. Fresh fruit is also offered in the form of apple stars, grapes or banana slices.

At lunchtime children may have spaghetti bolognese, chicken curry with rice, home made fish pie. Followed by fresh fruit with yoghurt, home made biscuits, rice pudding.

Afternoon snacks could be beans with toast fingers & carrot flowers, pasta with green beans, chicken or tuna and sweetcorn wraps.

Children are encouraged to access water throughout the day, at meal times they can also choose to have milk or water. We believe that children should be given the independence to select their own food and also pour out their own drinks, where appropriate. Every meal time different children will be monitors, they enjoy setting the table and helping other children to select their chosen food or drinks.

Our babies eat the same foods as the older children, but blended or mashed as appropriate to their age.